Standard gauge elements

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Indicator angular attachment
The angular attachment brings the indicator in a suitable position. It is used when the reading of the indicator has to be improved or if the contact points of the measurements are very close to each other. The measures are transferred 1:1 to the dial gauge.
Angular probe
Angular probes are in direct contact with the component and deflect the measurement at a certain 1:1 to the dial gauge. They are especially used for dynamic measurements of concentricity and run-out.
Extension Spindle
Extension spindle allow a longer distance between measuring position and dial gauge. They also supply an additional twist protection by the use of clamp-on probes.
Contact Tips
Contact tips are the executing the contact point of the dial gauge or the standard gauge element. The shape depends on the measuring task.
Clamp-On probes
Clamp-on probes are contact elements which are clamped on the shaft of the dial gauge or the standard gauge element. For different measuring tasks various shapes are available.
Extension Spindle
Extension spindles are extend the length of the contact tip.
Parallel elements
Coach spring elements, measuring slides and slides for transferring measuring value or moving components.
Analog / digital dial gauges, read out units and other accessories of the standard gauge element program.