Indicator angular attachment

The angular attachment brings the indicator in a suitable position. It is used when the reading of the indicator has to be improved or if the contact points of the measurements are very close to each other. The measures are transferred 1:1 to the dial gauge.

Various measuring tasks require a solution of bridging, extending and indexing the area between point of measurement and point of reading (e.g. dial gauge).

Indicator angular attachment and extensions have a 4 or alternatively a 10 mm span and accept measuring indiactors equipped with a Ø 8 mm shaft. The shafts will be joint with the extension (0°) or angular heads (30°, 45°, 60! or 90°) using a M 8 x 0.75 thread.

In the threaded shaft, the movable Ø 4 mm rod is in contacts with the component. The indexing element inside the angular head is moved by the travel of the contact column (span 4 or 10 mm) and transfers the travel 1:1.

When ordering, please make sure that screw-in shaft, extension and angular head must have the same travel (4 or 10 mm).

Clamping sleeve Ø 8H7 for the dial gauge or indicator

The clamping screw, which tightens the measuring indicator, can be screwed in on either side of the extension or angular heads.

In order to avoid faulty readings, the spheric contact tip, which is regularly mounted on the dial gauge, has to be replaced with a contact tip with a flat contact tip.


4 mm measuring span for normal sized dial gauges
4 mm measuring span for small or short dial gauges
eXtra large measuring span of 10 mm for standard dial gauges